We are passionate about getting children gardening, growing their own produce and developing an awareness of issues such as where their food comes from, sustainability and protection of biodiversity.

We have been piloting a lunchtime gardening club for Burnside Primary School for a year where the children have participated in all sorts of fun activities including: bulb planting, bird seed fat ball making, upcycling old wellies to be used as planters, making a bug hotel, preparing the ground and growing herbs and vegetables from seed.

We also helped the children to carry out British astronaut Tim Peake’s space rocket experiment. Schools in the UK received two packets of seeds – one containing seeds that Tim Peake had sent back from the International Space Station and one containing just normal seeds. The children were asked to plant the seeds following very specific instructions and to monitor and record if the seeds grew differently as a result of the lower gravity and increased radiation of space. We will be discussing the findings of the experiment with the children after the summer holidays!

For more information about our school gardening clubs please get in touch with us.