Grow 73’s Eugenie has been mentoring a fantastic group of pupils at Cathkin High School’s Additional Support Needs unit as part of the RHS Green Plant It initiative.

Green Plan It is a student-led project which encourages  S2-3 students to discover the wonderful world of plants, and rethink the role of green spaces.

Over the ten weeks of the autumn term, student teams are paired with a volunteer horticultural mentor and challenged to research, plan and build a model of a garden they’d like to see in their school or community. Their mentor offers guidance on designing a garden from scratch, shares practical plant knowledge, and facilitate the young people to make decisions about their ideal green space.


Through Green Plan It, students have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the incredible world of plants
  • Discover how plants affect people and the planet
  • Work with a skilled mentor from the horticultural industry
  • Develop their confidence, leadership and decision making skills, creativity and teamwork
  • Compete against local schools for a chance to win a trophy!
  • Apply for funding to create their garden for real

So on the 5th December 2019 after 10 weeks of hard work from all involved, Eugenie accompanied the pupils and their teacher to Glasgow Botanic Gardens with their finished model garden titled “Mood Changers” to take part in the awards ceremony and to meet the other 11 participating schools.  To great excitement, Cathkin High School team’s model with Grow 73’s mentoring won top prize for best overall project!  We are delighted for them and will continue to support the pupils with the next stage of the project – to develop the actual garden at the school.

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Watch this space for more great stuff from these great young people!

Fore more info about the RHS Green Plan It initiative, please see the link below..