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To help local families experience the many benefits of growing their own food during lockdown we decided to make and distribute mini allotment kits to anyone who wanted one in the G73 area.  They have been a huge success with 230 kits distributed to local schools, families and individuals in our community.   We’ve had lots of positive feedback and photos of everyone’s growing successes which is fantastic to see – carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, courgettes – to name a few!   Lately, we have partnered with the Healthy ‘n Happy Community Development Trust to produce 100 of these kits for wider distribution.

The benefits of growing your own are many and varied including: better health from increased fruit and veg consumption; outdoor exercise; reducing environmental impact; reducing food waste; connecting with the outdoors and nature; and most importantly – building a sense of pride from watching a seed grow under your care to become food that you can eat and share with your family.

The produce grown through our mini allotments project has also benefited local pollinating insects by providing sources of pollen and will help us to continue progress with the Grow 73 Bee Line project which is funded by the #NationalLottery.

The mini allotments have also caught the attention of the local press with an article featuring in the Daily Record, and nationally with an article in the “Grow Your Own Magazine”, proof that it’s often the simple ideas that capture the imagination and provide an escape from the difficult times we are in.  See link below:-

We love that the mini allotments have been received so well and hope that a new generation of gardeners are inspired to keep growing!  Thank you to everyone who has been involved and to the National Lottery who have funded the project.

Some lovely feedback we have received from our community…

My grandson loves his mini allotment. I said to him “you are a gardener , just like Granny” Big Smiles.  THANKS EVERYONE AT GROW 73. Really lifted my spirits

Ours have all been planted out into pots now except the tomatoes…they are all coming along nicely!”

Really excited to see our “mini allotment” grow! Thank you!

Kids loving the mini allotment especially all the exciting developments these last few days. Thank you Grow 73.”

We are loving our wee allotment

Picked our first garlic last week

Onions from our mini allotment” (pics of)