The Bee Line :

The idea of the Bee Line is to join larger green areas (Overtoun Park/ Fernbrae Meadow/ Holmhills Park / Cambuslang park etc…) by planting in small green pockets or containers along the road that links them to each other.

Each container/ area has a selection of nectar rich plants that can help pollinators feed on.

We have left empty spaces in between the plants so that our community can add their own nectar rich flowers to the planters.

Those plants have been selected for the locals, in a form of a growing kits which each person/ group/ organisation have received from us and intended for that purpose.

This should, in principle, allow our community to engage with the Bee Line and feel part of our project to help our pollinators and care for the environment.

We have created, as a partnership through the Greening Camglen network,

a QR code which you will find  dotted around local parks. The QR code takes you to activities and quizzes about nature, bees, wildlife on your door step, for each season.

We are hoping to increase our Bee Line by adding more areas of growing and connecting with more communities along the way.

If you are interested and want to find out more please get in touch.