For the locals who walk through Overtoun Park everyday, you will have notice some amount of activities around the Overtoun Bowling club.

As part of our planning, we have to address a few conditions  before we can develop the community garden itself.

  • Installation of a V-mesh fence to separate our land with the Overtoun bowling club
  • Create new entrances: one for vehicles only for delivering materials onsite, and an other which will be a coded gate for pedestrians
  • Road and pedestrian entrance have to be made of hard surfacing.

Once those are done, we can start thinking about what the next phase is and where the money will come from.

If you want to find out more about our work, want to take part  through volunteering hands-on or have experience in construction ( building raised beds/ thinning trees /landscaping/ building compost bins / making signs ) , applying for funding, or simply want to support our group by becoming a member then please get in touch.

The 3D drawings for the community garden are an illustration created by Gregor White @White Studio architects and shows  what we would like to create in and for our community. This of course, will be dependant on funding and as all gardens do… they evolve with time ! This is the whole beauty of it.